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vinylNo household name and probably only able to ring bells with Joe Walsh fans, Joe Vitale turns out to be an incredibly versatile musician in his own right on this 1974 effort. He plays just about everything here, apart from guitars. Not surprisingly, Walsh features in that capacity, resulting in the album sounding quite similar to his own albums. Even Vitale's voice has a similar tone and, unusually for a sideman, he's an impressive vocalist. It has that slightly laid-back cool dude feel to it, though there are hot moments, such as on 'Movin''. Walsh cannibalised 'Falling' for the song 'At The Station' four years later, but, despite his reliance on Vitale, his fame remains far greater. The material tends to strengthen as the album progresses. Unlike most albums, the first track is probably the weakest, mainly because of an over-repetitive piano riff. The album's strength is in its style and execution, the songs being good rather than great. Worth a listen if you're into the Walsh clique though.

Vitale, Joe / Roller Coaster Weekend (1LP)

SKU: 8718469533220
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