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Vinyl LP pressing. Andrew Cartmel's Vinyl Detective novels are a cool, quirky and contemporary series of books whose central character is a record collector turned sleuth. The Vinyl Detective, who remains anonymous, has a big love of cool Jazz, and his prized possession is his extensive collection of rare Jazz LPs. The book series now runs to four superbly entertaining titles on Forbidden Planet's own Titan Books imprint. And now, in conjunction with the Vinyl Passion record label, The Vinyl Detective has risen from the pages of Cartmel's novels to curate this album of his favorite Jazz tracks. The album begins and ends with two versions of a specially commissioned Vinyl Detective Theme by renowned film composer Joe Kraemer (who composed the scores for the hit movies Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation). These completely new pieces are unique to this album! As for the rest of the tracks, in the knowledgeable opinion of The Vinyl Detective, this LP features some of the finest jazz ever recorded, from celebrated classics to forgotten collector's items. The album contains sleeve notes written by The Vinyl Detective himself, and the eagle eyed will spot the hidden message written in the Dead Wax! As a compilation of Jazz, this album culls some gems from the great Jazz labels, all handpicked by our hero, and they flow beautifully as a stand-alone album. The record is a mixture of involving instrumental tracks (Miles Davis, Charles Mingus) and sultry vocals (Lucy Ann Polk, Joanie Sommers) that takes the listener on a guided tour through some of the best that Jazz can offer. The stunning artwork echoes the style of the original novels jackets, and this release will appeal to the fans of the novels as well as Jazz aficionados.

Various / The Vinyl Detective (1LP)

SKU: 8719039005840
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