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Raymond Scott (1908-1994) was a renowned bandleader, composer and pianist from the 1930s to the 1950s. Many of his playful riffs, originally recorded from 1937 to 1939 by the Raymond Scott Quintette, are genetically encoded in every earthling, having covered by many artists while also being adapted for cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Ren and Stimpy Show, The Simpsons and Animaniacs. His Soothing Sounds for Baby (SSFB) trilogy showcased Scott as a pioneer of electronic music. His ambient minimalism ultimately became a source of inspiration for musicians like Terry Riley, Phillip Glass, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. But SSFB couldn't prepare the world for the exotic artifacts found on Manhattan Research Inc. MRI, first issued on Basta in 2000, contains 69 tracks recorded from 1956 to 1969 over two hours' worth of Scott's ground-breaking electronic work in adult dimensions. Forays into abstract musique concrete are heard alongside film soundtrack collaborations with a young pre-Muppet Jim Henson, and pan-galactic sonics seemingly beamed down from hovering UFOs. In addition, MRI presents some of the first TV and radio commercials to feature electronic music. MRI also features many of Scott's instrumental inventions. Music on Vinyl presents a new edition of MRI in a 3-LP set, including full track notes, a historical overview and newly designed covers. The package contains an 8-page booklet, printed inner-sleeves and a free download coupon for the complete album. 750 copies of MRI are pressed on transparent vinyl. Also available on 180 gm vinyl: Soothing Sounds For Baby. Tracklist: Side A: 1. Manhattan Research, Inc. Copyright 2. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. 3. Bendix: 'The Tomorrow People' 4. Lightworks 5. The Bass-Line Generator 6. Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night! 7. B.C. 1675 8. Vim 9. Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful (Instr) 10. Sprite 'Melonball Bounce' (Instr) 11. Sprite 'Melonball Bounce' 12. Wheels That Go 13. Limbo: The Organized Mind Side B: 1. Portofino 1 2. County Fair 3. Lady Gaylord 4. Good Air 5. Ibm Mt/St: The Paperwork Explosion 6. Domino 7. Super Cheer 8. Cheer: Revision 3 9. Twilight In Turkey 10. Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops 11. Vicks: Formula 44 12. Auto-Lite: Spark Plugs 13. Nescafe 14. Awake Side C: 1. Backwards Overload 2. Bufferin: Memories (Original) 3. Bandito The Bongo Artist 4. Night And Day 5. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (395) 6. K2r 7. Ibm Probe 8. Gmgm 1a 9. The Rhythm Modulator 10. Ohio Plus 11. In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen 12. General Motors: Futurama Side D: 1. Portofino 2 2. The Wild Piece 3. Take Me To Your Violin Teacher 4. Ripples (Original Soundtrack) 5. Cyclic Bit 6. Ripples (Montage) 7. The Wing Thing 8. County Fair (Instr) 9. Cindy Electronium Side E: 1. Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night (Instr) 2. Hostess: Twinkies 3. Hostess: Twinkies (Instr) 4. Ohio Bell: Thermo Fax 5. The Pygmy Taxi Corporation 6. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1) 7. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. 8. Lightworks (Slow) 9. Ibm Mt/St: The Paperwork Explosion (Instr) 10. Auto-Lite: Ford Family 11. Auto-Lite: Ford Family (Instr) 12. Auto-Lite: Wheels Side F: 1. Bufferin: Memories (Demo) 2. Space Mystery (Montage) 3. The Toy Trumpet 4. Backwards Beeps 5. Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful 6. Lightworks (Instr) 7. When Will It End 8. Bendix 2: The Tomorrow People 9. Electronic Audio Logos, Inc.

Scott, Raymond / Manhattan Research (3LP Coloured)

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