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vinylBuck Owens' self-titled debut album exhibits the American country singer's early development of the Bakersfield sound. The hits 'Above and Beyond', 'Under Your Spell Again' and 'Second Fiddle' are among the offerings. As one reviewer wrote: 'The sound that became the legend starts right here'. Owens wrote or co-wrote all the songs on his third album, 'You're For Me' (with the exception of 'Fool Me Again'). Four became hits: 'You're For Me', 'Under the Influence of Love', 'Nobody's Fool But Yours' and 'House Down the Block'. There are other fine tracks too, including two polka instrumentals. One of Owens' early Capitol recordings, it is considered by many to be his best. These two classic albums from Buck Owens, country music superstar and pioneer of the Bakersfield sound, are reissued here on a single LP. Tracklist: Side A: Buck Owens 1. Above And Beyond 2. Second Fiddle 3. Tired Of Livin' 4. I've Got A Right To Know 5. Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) 6. I'll Give My Heart To You 7. Under Your Spell Again 8. My Everlasting Love 9. Take Me Back Again 10. Til These Dreams Come True 11. Walk The Floors 12. I'll Take A Chance On Loving You Side B: You're For Me 1. You're For Me 2. Fool Me Again 3. Down On The Corner Of Love 4. Mexican Polka 5. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall 6. Bad Bad Dream 7. Under The Influence Of Love 8. Nobody's Fool But Yours 9. House Down The Block 10. Country Polka 11. Down To The River 12. Blues For Life.

Owens, Buck / Buck Owens & You're For Me (1LP)

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