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vinylThe Fourth World' is the second album by the band Kara's Flowers, who later achieved greater success under the name Maroon 5. The alternative arrangements you will find on this album is reminiscent of early 90's rock. Some impressive guitar chords and power pop singing brings the best of these group of talented young musicians. They were still in high school while they recorded this album, but the sound of both the ballads as the alternative tracks is amazing. Enjoy this early adventure. Tracklist: Side A: 1. Soap Disco 2. Future Kid 3. Myself 4. Oliver 5. The Never Saga 6. Loving The Small Time. Side B: 1. To Her, With Love 2. Sleepy Windbreaker 3. Pantry Queen 4. My Ocean Blue 5. Captain Splendid

Kara's Flowers / Fourth World (1LP/Coloured)

SKU: 8719262012271
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