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vinylThe Dutch progressive rock group Drama comprised a number of individuals who had already made their marks in the past in several different bands: Polle Eduard (Tee Set, After Tea), drummer Ton 'Shell' Schellekens (Brainbox, In Crowd), Ulli Grün (Boots, After Tea), and the young guitar virtuoso Frank van der Kloot (Bobby's Children). In 1972 they released their only album 'Drama', including their massive hit 'Mary's Mamma', written by musician Peter Koelewijn. This song is not representative for the rest of their music, which is much more experimental. After some arguments with the record label the band fell apart, leaving this wonderful record as their only album. Tracklist: Side A: 1. Mary's Mamma 2. Dreamed I Was The President 3. I'm Your Hoochi Coochie Man 4a. No Doctor 4b. Melodrama Side B: 1. Smile Or Yell 2. Tell The World I'm Coming 3. Brains Or Not 4. Give Up And Go

Drama / Drama (1LP/Coloured)

SKU: 602508165818
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