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American country-rock band Dr. Hook enjoyed commercial success in the 1970's with hit singles like 'Sylvia's Mother' (1972), 'Only Sixteen' (1975), 'Sharing the Night Together' (1978), and 'When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman' (1979). The music they created spanned different genres, now all brought together on this wonderful 'Collected' 2LP. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show (as they were previously named) formed in the late '60s, but it took some years before they achieved commercial success. Their 1971 album 'Doctor Hook' became a million seller and includes their biggest hit 'Sylvia's Mother'. It was the start of a highly successful period with eight years of regular chart hits, including 'A Little Bit More', 'Better Love Next Time' and 'Sexy Eyes'. It took a while after their first record before they released another big seller, but 'A Little Bit More' was another chart hitting record. The band was known for their country-flavoured pop/rock music and crazy stage performances. Early '80s the success went downwards and after some prominent band members left and were replaced by others the band finally gave up the ghost in 1985. Tracklist: Side A: 1. Silvia's Mother 2. Carrie Me Carrie 3. The Cover Of The Rolling Stone 4. Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie 5. The Wonderful Soup Stone 6. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan 7. Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me Side B: 1. I Got Stoned And I Missed It 2. A Little Bit More 3. If Not You 4. Making Love And Music 5. Sharing The Night Together 6. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman 7. What Do You Want? 8. Better Love Next Time Side C: 1. Sexy Eyes 2. Years From Now 3. Girls Can It 4. Body Talkin' 5. Hearts Like Yours And Mine 6. Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk 7. Rings Side D: 1. The Last Morning 2. Bunky & Lucille 3. Make It Easy 4. The Wild Colonial Boy 5. Sylvia's Father (Live in Amsterdam 1974) 6. Ray Sawyer - (One More Year Of) Daddy's Little Girl 7. Dennis Locorierre - After All

Dr.Hook / Collected (2LP Black)

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