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utopsy is a unique case in the metal world . Their style is supposedly death metal yet they differ completely from what we usually call death metal. They started their career with 2 fantastic albums , with "mental funeral" being possibly the scariest metal album ever and then they started sounding silly with small , almost hardcore, songs in "acts of the unspeakable" before completely turning into a joke with "shitfun" .
Thankfully with their reunion they have returned to the style of their first 2 albums with big songs , many doomy parts and fantastic solos . "Macabre eternal" was a fantastic return to form and "the headless ritual" is even better. With a heavier production and the usual fantastic musicianship from this band they deliver . What I love in this band is that behind their horror image and extreme lyrics you have a band with fantastic musicians . Reifert is a great drummer and a unique singer and their guitarists can play extremely well with really atmospheric solos .


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