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2CD set of classic from the US Metal Titans Autopsy are one of the early pioneers of the US death metal scene which first came to be in the mid-80's before becoming a major prominent global force in the late 80's with bands such as Death and Morbid Angel leading the way. Autopsy were among the early breed of bands, after drummer Chris Reifert himself left Death and formed his own band, delving more into subject matters of pure sickness and horror, and also assuming vocal duties alongside his percussive exploits. Together with guitarist Eric Cutler and then Danny Coralles the monster that was Autopsy came to be, and the band quickly established themselves as ones to watch from their inspirational early demos, before signing to Peaceville Records for the classic and now legendary debut, 'Severed Survival'. With controversy never far away over the years, Autopsy initially forged their legacy over 4 studio albums of sheer depravity and boundary-pushing relentlessness, along with multiple tours across the US and Europe, before the band called it a day after then swansong album, 'Shitfun' in 1995, with members going on to form the equally vile group, Abscess. It was not until the late 2000's that the band decided to write a couple of songs for a very limited 7" to coincide with a 20th anniversary release of Severed Survival, and from there-on the band realised that the magic remained and reunited for several high profile appearances, plus newly recorded material, most notably on comeback album 'Macabre Eternal' which was met with global acclaim. The band continue to be highly influential to this day in the genre, having inspired bands such as Entombed, Darkthrone and Bloodbath along the way. This 2-disc set offers a great glimpse into Autopsy's catalogue of stomach churning classics with slabs of brutality lifted from their entire discography to date.